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Re: Where Should My Newborn Sleep?

I did a bassinet with both my other girls. They were both out of it by the 3 month mark because they were bigger and had already doubled their birth weight (weight limit on most is 15 lbs). But since you don't use it very long you can keep using it. However we also got a rock and play sleeper for upstairs since we have two stories since you can't really carry a bassinet up and down the stairs, and we're getting rid of the bassinet and just using that this time. It worked way better when DD2 was sick with a cold and has a higher weight/ age limit so you can get more use out of it. It also folds up and is super light and easy to carry around and store out of the way when you aren't using it and the recline makes it good for refluxy babies. 


We're also going to use a pack and play in the laundry room since DD2 is still going to be in a crib for at least 6 more months (probably longer than that if she doesn't climb out) but ours doesn't have a bassinet. The bassinets on them that are the full size look flimsy and they do sort of sway a little bit, but they are pretty solid when you have them on right. They also only have a 15 lb weight limit on them but definitely do the trick. I had someone give me one but it was my barn solution for DD1 and I'm sure it's probably mildewed now.