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Where Should My Newborn Sleep?
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I'm struggling with what my newborn should sleep in the for first few months before we move her to the crib in her bedroom.  So far, I'm hearing these options: 1) use a bassinet, 2) a play yard with a bassinet or 3) just keep the crib in our room at first.  This is my first child and I feel completely clueless.  I've tried to research this a bit and have found that it is recommended that we keep the baby in our room at first, but I can't find any suggestions on what type of bed will be the best for her.  I sort of hate to spend the money (or even register for) for a bassinet because I've heard that it isn't used for very long.  It sort of seems like a waste of money since there are other options.  I don't know if a play yard is safe.  Some play yards advertise a "full bassinet" where the bottom sort of looks raised and I've seen some that have a separate bassinet part that comes with the play yard.  So far, what we've looked at as far as play yards, these option just don't look very sturdy.  <I know, new parent and I'm probably over analyzing everything!>  We have talked about putting her crib in our room to start with, but when we are ready to move it, we'll have to take it apart to get it through the door.  This is completely doable, we're just being a little lazy about it.  :-)  What have you experienced Mom's done in the past and how has that option worked out for you?  I'm open to all suggestions expect putting her in the bed with us.  I have a friend who did this and they had a tragic accident that ended up with the baby passing.