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Re: First child
Hello there! Congrats on your baby. This is also my first child. I'm currently 26 weeks. :smileyhappy: let me tell you time is passing. Don't worry about not showing right away. I was the same way. Everyone was like you don't look pregnant and it made me feel as though I had to gain weight, but don't do that everyone is different. Before I was pregnant I weighed 158 ilbs. I'm about 30 ilbs overweight for my height, so when I got pregnant I did not start to really show until I was 24 weeks. Girls who are thinner show a lot more and may feel baby sooner. I felt my baby move around 20 weeks. I can still feel it now. It's scares me. Lol. But give it more time and you will start to show soon. :smileyhappy:
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