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Re: I'm 39 and expecting my 4th baby, is this very dangerous?

I'm 41, I'll be 42 when baby is born and I'm having my second child - my son is 14.  I think it could be dangerous if  a woman is not already generally healthy or perhaps doesn't take care of herself but I think taht could be dangerous regardless of age. There is always an increased risk for genetic diseases.  "They" say by age 35, a woman's risk of conceiving a child with Down syndrome is 1 in 400. By age 45, the risk is 1 in 35. But my doctor ruled out all genetic diseases and my chance of having a baby with Down's is 1:677 based on my genetic testing and ultrasound.  Pretty good odds, I'll say, for an "old" woman, ha!   I try not to pay too much attention to all those statistics out there.  I just do my best to take care of myself; eat healthy, rest, exercise (haven't been great at that lately), and trying not to stress.  


These days women are waiting to have children and it's not unusual to see women in their 40's, even mid 40's, having babies.  More power to us - we rock!!  Lol.  :smileylol:

Mom to a 14 year old boy and pregnant with #2 @ age 41!