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Re: boy or girl?

Prathapanis it's possible for an ultrasound to be wrong but at this stage they usually aren't. It's harder for us to see a girls parts but they're pretty well trained to know what they're looking for. When they showed me my daughters parts with my second pregnancy I had no idea in the world how three lines could tell them it was a girl. It's easier to see a boys for those of us with the untrained eye lol.


I was convinced that I was going to have a girl this time. I've was right about my other two and I thought I was going to be about this one as well. With my son I craved spicy food like crazy and I normally hate them. With my daughter I craved everything sweet. With my first pregnancy with my son I only had two weeks of morning sickness and pretty much sailed through the rest of my pregnancy. I felt like I lived in hell with my second pregnancy with my daughter. I was sick the ENTIRE time I was pregnant day and night. I had acne for the first time since being a teenager. It was a pretty stressfull pregnancy. With this third one I started craving spicy foods at first so I was leaning towards it being a boy but then I started getting sick non stop (I still do) and I got acne again and its been a pretty hard pregnancy so I was completely convinced that I was having another girl. When the ultrasound tech said boy I was honestly surprised. The Chinese gender predictor was right about my first two but it said that this one was going to be a girl.

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