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How to deal with back pain

When I was younger i had a spinal tap done and recently have been getting really bad back pain. Before I knew it was because of my spinal tap but now that im pregnant im afraid it will get more intense; especially, right now during the winter. This is my first pregnancy so im not really sure how i should deal with it. What do you ladies recommend for dealing with the pain?

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Re: How to deal with back pain

I have suffered pre-pregnancy with back pain as well and am scared that it will be worse with pregnancy (digenerative disc at L5).  I'm not familiar with what a spinal tap involves, though it sounds painful.   

I've been doing prenatal yoga, and trying very hard to stay active.  You can still work your core while pregnant, and a strong core helps me with back pain, as well as the stretching with yoga.  So far at 17 weeks, I'm actually less painful than normal. Good luck!!

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Re: How to deal with back pain

Last night I messed my back up picking my toddler up wrong :smileysad: but DH had the night off and was able to give me a really good massage! 


I also have a maternity belt in storage that I will be finding and using ASAP. That helped tremendously- especially with my first pregnancy that I gained more weight during. I don't recommend getting the cheaper ones though if you do get one, get a good solid belt. The thicker the better! I might even upgrade for one of the really good girdles this pregnancy!


I have never done chiropractic before, but I also plan on doing that as well. I just learned our health insurance covers an office near us that has a chiropracter that specializes in pregnancy, and I'm starting to have some sciatica issues, so I hope that it will just help a lot with everything overall. I also have some hip issues from my last pregnancy, and I'm wishfully hoping chiro can offer some help with that too.