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Re: Creepy OB-GYN

I'm sorry you had to feel that way at what should have been a happy appointment for you. Thankfully I've never had an OB/GYN like this. My sister did one time though and never went back. She went to an GYN and the guy was about her age and started asking her questions while doing an examine, asking her if she was married and liked to date and if she dated men or women. It was insane. If I were you I would pick a few of the docs that you really like there and every time you make an appointment ask for one of them. That way if you pick a few that you like you should always be able to see at least one of them if the others aren't there the day of your appointment. The bad thing is, is that if you go into labor and the doc you don't like is on call you wont have a choice but to have him deliver. Thankfully the nurses do most of the work until it's time to push lol. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck.

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