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Re: Anyone else going to cloth diaper?

Wow!  Thank you for all that info!  I do have hard water, but we have learned that if we add a little 20 Mule Team Borax to the water when it is filling that it makes the water a little softer and lets the detergent do it's job. This last weekend I went to an event called Little Feet Repeats (like a baby yard sale event) and they had cloth diapers there,so I got a pack of two that I thought looked like I could use.  It sounds exactly like the all in twos that you are talking about.  I will have to get many more plus the inserts.  I am glad you mentioned that there are different materials for the inserts.  That is not something that I thought of looking into!  I will look into facebook and more mommy forums, but I greatly apperciate your infomation!! I think the more people I talk to the more I'm really going to like this!  :smileyhappy:  It helps to talk to people that are actually doing it!  Thank you again!!