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Re: Anyone else going to cloth diaper?
A lot of it depends on what your water is like, but even mommas with hard water get it figured out! We have really soft water so it's a matter of finding a good cloth safe detergent (low sudsing, no fabric softeners, dyes, etc since they clog up the fabric pores and make the dipes less absorbent). Then it's a matter of personal preference for the type of diapers you get. All in ones are everything all together, I've never used them though. Mostly I use all in twos and pocket diapers for the diaper bag. An all in two can be used lots of different ways. Softbums would be a good brand for you to look into. They will fit your twins from birth until potty training for most babies. Since they are all in twos, you can reuse covers that aren't pooped in, so you don't need as many diapers and it's less laundry. Then you decide on your absorbent material. I have a mix between flats, micro fiber inserts, and cotton and hemp doublers. I'm planning on getting some Chinese prefolds and getting rid of all my micro fiber because it's bulkier, less absorbent, and seems to be harder to clean well.

For poop when they are just getting formula our breast milk you don't have to do anything with it. It's all water soluble and will wash out. Right now dd2 is now about 2/3rd formula and 1/3 solids and I use flushable liners since it is harder to wash out her poop now. I toss ones that are wet in the trash and flush ones with poopSoon when dd is on more solids her poop will just plop off in the toilet. A lot of prior will use sprayers and wash the poop of into the toilet or a spatula to scrape.

I just had to change our wash routine. We were using tide but the change to Actilift gave dd really bad rashes and made the diapers stink really bad. If they are getting really clean the only time they angel us when they've been pooped on, lol. Even disposables smell more than cloth is supposed to. Since tide changed, now I wash the diapers every two our three days. We have a front load washer which is more difficult to wash in since it uses less water than top load, but so far this is working well for us. I put the diapers in on delicate/ warm with about 3 T baking soda (mega cheap at Costco), then whitest whites with 1 T of rockin green soft rock. Right now I'm doing extra rinses after that cycle, but I'm still dealing with tide in the diapers that's super stubborn and doesn't wash out. Once the tide's all gone I should be able to cut the extra rinse I set it on :smileyhappy: I just put it all in the dryer for now. I have some old crib pieces I plan on mounting to wall to dry just the diaper covers on.

It sounds like a lot of work and there is a learning curve to it, but once we got through the first couple months with dd1 it was pretty smooth sailing. The tide changing this summer was really the first major problem we've had in about two years and was annoying but we've got it figured out now.
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