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Re: bleeding during pregnancy

Hello! At around 10 weeks I had bright red spotting for about a day and half (over the weekend of course).  I called my doc and he put me on bed rest until I could go in to see him on Monday.  By Monday it had just become light spotting and brown.  When I went in the doc informed me that I have placenta previa (it where the baby is resting too close and/or on the cervix). The only restrictions I had, is no relations with the hubby and I had to deal with the light brown spotting daily.  Luckly the babies are just fine! Plus now that I'm at 14 weeks they have now moved up and I no longer have to deal with the side effects.  I understand that bleeding at any stage is scary, but don't let all the horror stories freak you out!  Sometimes it's just how your body copes!  :smileyhappy: