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Anyone else going to cloth diaper?

This will be our third kid in cloth diapers. We're totally going to CD this one just like the last two. It actually hasn't been too much extra work for us. In the past disposables have plagued us with blowouts, yeast infections, and diaper rashes that we don't deal with doing our own diaper laundry, so I'm just sticking with it since I'll be doing CD with my second still for a foreseeable yearish since the kiddos are only going to be 16 months apart. IME they really haven't added that much work to my day either since I just dump the bag in the washer, add soap, and walk away for awhile and then come back and rinse them again. Disposables were leaking/ blowing out on us so much I was doing just as much laundry anyways, bwahaha!


We totally got into it to save money. We were without a working washer for a month, because the part had to get ordered over the holidays and I accidentally mailed it to our old house so it had to be forwarded. During those four weeks when we bought diapers I seriously spent like $140 in disposables and wipes because my kids pee and poop so much, and both girls were still in diapers, lol. I just sewed up a bunch of new diapers for this next kid so we have enough to take out our worn out ones (because being washed every other day for 2 1/2 years will do that to you, lol) and I've got enough diapers now to go birth to potty training for this next kiddo for only about $60! And they're so cute and fluffy :smileyhappy:


Seriously, when people say cloth diapers and baby wraps are addictive, they aren't joking. DH has actually restricted me to a $0 diaper budget, lol. It's a good thing he hasn't touched the fabric budget yet so I can just keep sewing more, haha.


Here are the ones I made so I have enough for two kids again. I think this brings me up to like 35 diapers aroundish...