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My expereince with 1st Trimester Screening and CVS testing
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I would like to share with you my expereince with my 1st trimester screening. so that if this were to happen to you, you wont be a nervous wreck.


I had my 1st trimester screening (blood work & ultrasound) about 3 weeks ago. I immediately got a call from my OB that I am considered high risk for Down Syndrome due to my Nuchocal Translucency (liquid in the back of the baby's neck) was 3.6mm (normal <3mm) so he was concerned and referred me to a genetic consoler. the earliest appointment they had was 1wk from when the doctor informed me. This is my 1st baby so I was a nervous wreck.


I went to the Genetic consoler she was great she explained to me the possibilities. and explained that sometimes Down Syndrome can occur from Genetics but also it depends on how the baby is formed during the process. So Down Syndrome could be from genetics and could not. She provided me with options for testing.


CVS- taking a sample from the placenta to check the chromosomes 99.9% accurate 1:300 chance of miscarrage. Done within 13-14 wks pregnant, response in 6-10 days


Amino- take amniotic fluid sample. 99.9% accurate, 1:400 chance of miscarrage. Done 16 weeks and above, response in 6-10 days  


cfDNA- blood work only 96% accurate. no chance of miscarrage. response in 48 hrs. Insurance wont cover if the 1st trimester screening was already done. if you want to do this one the cost is $950.00 out of pocket.


I had the CVS done. It did not hurt. they go in vaginaly and is just like a papsmear. it is ultrasound guided so both the tech and the doctor need to be in the room. No anesthesia needed. the doctor aspirates a small piece of the placenta and then its sent into the lab. Bed rest is necessary for 48hrs after the procedure. No physical activity (excerise, bending, sqauting, picking up heavy objects) , no cooking (the best excuse ever), no sex for 1wk. I had the test done last tuesday i got my results today. exactly 7 days.


the results is that the baby is fine! he's a beautiful and healthy baby boy. Oh by the way since they are checking the chromosomes they also confirm the sex. so its def a boy :smileyhappy:.


I hope this helps anyone who might be going through something similar.


have faith and remember to stay calm if this situation might be yours as well. remember he/she feels the stress and the worry you are experiencing. think posiitve and pray to whomever you belive in. I know that from this experiene I am closer to God now more than ever.