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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen
Thanks greeneyes. Lilygirl, I didn't take the test with my first two kids. With this one my doctor suggested that I have it so I took it. My insurance pays for all of it but $58 so that wasn't that bad. I would still have my child no matter what the results say but sometimes it's good to be prepared. Because I'm high risk I had a level 2 ultrasound done with my son and they told me that they thought he might have a slight cleft lip. They brought me back for four different ultrasounds to try and be sure but they ended up with saying that they thought it was just a shadow from the cord. They even did 3d ultrasounds because of this. My son ended up being born with a slight cleft lip and it was a little bit of a shock when he came out and the nurse said "oh, he has a little cleft lip." It would have been a lot more of a shock had I not had those ultrasounds. Sometimes these tests reveal problems that will require additional doctors to be in the room to help with conditions so in my opinion I would rather be prepared for what might come. Some of the test are expensive though so unless my doctor really, really pushed them if I didn't have insurance that covered them I probably would choose to pass them up. My doctor told me she would really like me to have this test done though so with the risks I already have I will do pretty much anything she tells me to.
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