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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

I had my ultrascreen today. The tech said that I wont get the results back for a week but that everything looked good. He said that the liquid he measured behind the baby's neck should measure between 1-2 mm and that my baby's measured at 1.3 . He said babies with DS usually have numbers above 3. He said the heartbeat was strong and we could see my baby moving like crazy which he said was good  because babies with DS are more lathargic. I was a little sad because he said it was to soon to find out the sex but it was really cool to see the baby moving in there like crazy. I also had a regular doc app right after and was a little worried about my blood pressure. It's been creeping up so we've been watching it, we're trying to hold of on blood pressure meds until we really need them. My cat of 16 yrs passed away last night and I got about two hrs of sleep before my appointments so I was worried my blood pressure would be through the roof due to stress but it was actually lower than it was at my last appointment so that was some good news. I'm glad that the tech said everything looked good but I'll be able to breathe a little easier once I get the results in a week.

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