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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

Thank you! were supper excited. they say that at 12 wks the percentage of being accurate on the sex is 75% becuase its too early. but honestly we dont care if next month they would tell me its a girl. we just want a healthy baby.

you're going to love the ultrasound, it will make you feel more at ease when your able to see everything. for me it was a releif seeing him completely formed, spine is good, all 10 fingers and toes, face, heart, brain and devisions, etc.., after the screen your going to be more relaxed.  enjoy that moment. if you can video it. my husband videos everyone of my ultrasounds and shares it with the family.

being pregnant is so beautiful enjoy it and dont stress. have faith that your baby will be fine and healthy. watch your sugar in take and have a  blast being pregnant.