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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

I didn't have one with my first two either but because I'm older (31) and I'm high risk due to my diabetes my doctor suggested I have it done. I am nervous because I'm the type who will worry over the results. I'm glad it doesn't take that long and I am looking forward to seeing the baby in more detail. I've had a few ultrasounds with my doctor on her ultrasound machines but she said I'd be amazed at how much more detailed it will be at my ultrascreen. I know there is a lot of people go back and forth on if you can tell what the sex is or not but I would LOVE to find out this early. The worst part of finding out I was pregnant at such an early week is the wait it's taking to find out what I'm having. I don't even know why I want to find out so bad with this one I wasn't this impatient with my first two but I want to know so bad. I'm glad the test will be pretty quick, I'm tired of giving blood work lol. Thanks for sharing your experience greeneyes and congrats on baby being a boy!

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