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Re: First Trimester Screen/ Ultrascreen

So i had the test done yesterday. it actually wasn't all that bad. it was a 10 minute ultrasond very very detailed with i loved becuase i havent seen my baby that exact so i was happy. the blood work, atleast with my doctor it was great. in teh article you provided it says that the blood work can be 5-10 minutes long.... well it should be more like 5-10 seconds long. its one a finger **bleep** like when you check your glucose. they put the blood in a card like container with 6 drops of blood. i should have the reponse within 6-10 business days i cant wait... but atleast i have the peice of mind that my baby looks healthy all 10 fingers, all 10 toes, spines looks great, and is moving around like crazy... oh did i forget to tell you... ITS A BOY! the doctor says its too early to be certain i"m only 12 weeks but they saw a little peepee :smileyhappy: