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Re: Pregnant! When and how are you telling family and friends?

I told my parents and sisters right away. I wanted to wait a little longer to tell the rest of my family since I'm high risk but I sat down and talked with my 3 and 5 year olds about it. If I wanted to wait and tell people I probably should have waited to tell them because from that moment on my five year old son decided to tell everyone that he saw that "mommy has a baby in her belly". It was the first thing he said to his preschool teacher on meet the teacher day lol. We had a huge family get to gether over the weekend and I knew my son was going to tell our news to everyone so I took a picture of my two kids holding up a onesie and wrote my kids birthdays above their heads on the picture and the baby's due date month and year. Then I posted the picture on facebook for everyone to see. When I do the gender reveal I want to have my other kids involved in that as well so they'll feel included in it all.

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