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Where do you pump?

Here's a photo of our lactation room at the Parents office. Whether yours is a dedicated lactation room or a random corner you find to pump, we want to see where you pump.


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Re: Where do you pump?

I am so jealous of this! My option at work is the men's bathroom - because we are a floor of almost all women. We typically put an "Out of Order" sign on the door while it's in use, but there is no lock or protection of privacy.


And, its the bathroom. The men's bathroom. Gross.


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Re: Where do you pump?

My job with my first I pumped in my office. My job with my second I worked in a shared space so I had to pump in the locker room bathroom.

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Re: Where do you pump?

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I can't share a photo of where I used to pump because... A) my office moved to another building, and B) I would have no clue or way of getting a pic from my phone onto this website I using from my desktop at work. :smileyhappy:


First place was a bathroom, one stall, so we could lock the door and it had a counter with enough room for a chair. I didn't mind it, but it was a bit cold so I always made sure to have a button-up cardigan and knit gloves! I shared with another person, but it was also a regular bathroom. I didn't mind it, but when a supervisor started having to use it as well she refused to use the bathroom.


So we moved to an old training room that was being used as a storage room. Later they changed into a conference room, but we were still able to use we just had to actually schedule it so no one would schedule a meeting in there. The door locked and the one small window in the door we covered with a piece of paper. Sometimes people would not look at the schedule and pop in there for a little talk with an employee, or a meeting would run late, and that was a pain.


A couple times I had to use a different conference room because they were having a big client luncheon or something, but none of the other conference rooms locked and they have windows. I would stick a chair behind the door,a sign on the front of the door, and made sure all the blinds were shut tight, trying to face a wall just in case, lol.  Oh fun times.......




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