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New job

Hi ladies, At home I'm the one who makes the higher income. My husband's stays home with may twins during the day then goes to work at night. I had a hard time with this set up at first because i really wanted to stay home but now i am totally ok with it. Specially since my hubby is absolutely amazing with my girls.

Now with that being said, I'm having problems at work which puts huge pressure. They are delaying my paycheck every week, and unfortunately we live paycheck to paycheck :smileyhappy: My company pays really good and getting a pay cut will make things even tighter.

Now which one is lower risk. Stay at my 3 year old 'good' paying job, or get a pay cut?

Also, does anyone have any tips in finding a good job? Besides looking for postings online of course. I live in south florida.

Thx so much

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Re: New job

Delaying paychecks? That sounds like my husbands old job. The place paid well, and everytime he threatened to quit they gave him a raise. But what good is it when they didn't have enough money to pay the employees? Paychecks either bounced or there was no money and they would tell you to wait a week...or more. Once year he went a whole month with no check, right before Christmas. The place had all sorts of other issues, the owner was shady and only thought of himself.  After being with the company for over 7 years (at was probably more like 10, my brain is fuzzy now) he left to a different company, taking a paycut.  He has been there about 3 years now and has actually moved into the office. (was previously in the field) I think we have adjusted just fine and I like that his current company actually has a dedicated payroll company, an HR department, it's all on the up & up, lol. And he has never had to worry about not getting a paycheck.


Ultimately it will need to be something you think hard about, pray about if you are the type, talk to your husband, before you make any decisions.  I'm getting laid off, but haven't decided if I want to look for another full-time office job. But when I do, I'll be on indeed, monster, careerbuilder, maybe even linkedin. My friend found her current admin assist job on craigslist- it is for a small company, not a big corporation and she got lucky, she loves her job. Best of luck!

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Re: New job

You're a mommy especially to twin girls you can't afford a pay cut!

I live paycheck to paycheck as well and things would be a lot different with a pay cut.

I think you should talk to HR or someone above your boss because that isn't right.:smileymad:

Do you think if you find a new job you can't find somewhere that pays the same?

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Re: New job

I started my own business and work from home, very happy with it. Would love y o share with you.
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