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How do you do it?

Working all day and being there for your's a double full time job!  How do you get your housework, laundry, meals taken care of on a daily basis?  It's definitely not easy.  I rely a bunch on my crock pot and I'm almost always up late at night and early in the morning working on laundry.  With a family of 5, I feel like laundry multiplies while I sleep!

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Re: How do you do it?

Hi - Well, I do think is double the work. It is indeed like 2 full time jobs. I do work full time and being home is way more work than actual work :smileyhappy: 


After a few months of driving myself insane in 'trying to be the perfect mom' (i am sure we all do) I decided that laundry and heavy cleaning was only going to be taken care of during the weekend. Heavy cleaning sometimes every other week. I dont know how old your kids are but my girls are 10 month olds so I can postpone their laundry for the weekends. I know some older kids do need their soccer uniform etc washed more than once a week (so that might not work for you). Food? OH GOSH, my husbands does most of the cooking. I like to cut corners by using fronzen cooked chicken breast for salads at work and pre boilled pasta (bolied during the weekend) for dinners. My girls only want grown up food now so they eat what we eat for dinner. They love steak and rice :smileyhappy: Just like daddy. 


Now.... i ave decided that i was not going to sweat it so much anymore. My sister has her house sooooooooo clean 24/7 but she also goes to bed at midnigh and walks around cleaning at ALL times. I refuse to be that person. Since I dont spend the day with my babys the hours I have with them after work are PRECIOUS (and I mean HOLY... dont call me, dont ask me to do anything during those hours) I seat on the floor and play with them. If if I have 10 loads of laundry and dirty dishes everywhere. I dont care. Those will be taken care of. My babies precious moments are mine. And I will not give them up for laundry (that will NEVER end). So.... do your best. But please do spend precious moments with your kids. Everything else will be taken care of - eventually :smileyhappy:


Hope this helps

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Re: How do you do it?

Day by day!


My oldest is 5 and has 1 after school activity a week and that 1 day is so crazy. (which is today btw) I don't what is going to happen when they are both old enough to have activities during the week on top of homework. But it probably won't be pretty!


In all honesty, I have been very unhappy with this arrangement the past few months. I really don't want to work anymore! I get home around 5:30 and would prefer the kids in bed by 8pm, so that means starting the bedtime routine at 7:30. That leaves 2 hours to make & eat dinner, do homework, and then it's time for bed! And most nights they are in bed around 8:30 instead of 8. Especially if it is a night when we need to fit a bath in.



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Re: How do you do it?

I do the lanudry and cleaning after my daughter sleeping, it usually at 11pm:womansad:I feel tired,crazy,exhausted!

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Re: How do you do it?

We do some things together with the kids, like laundry or taking out the trash. They love to help and it's fun to go to the laundry room and run an play with carts etc. :smileyhappy: My daughter is almost 6 and she likes to help with cooking or can watch her little brother, who is almost 2 while I do something.
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Re: How do you do it?

Wow! Are there really that many families where the father doesn't do at least half the work?
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Re: How do you do it?

Definitely don't be the type who has to have the house clean 24/7. I think you made a smart decision in saving laundry and heavy cleaning for the weekends—that's how I am.


I always make room in my schedule, when I get home from work, to have quality time. You need to have those quiet moments with the kids to bond and let them get to know mommy. :smileyhappy:  It's those quieter moments that mean so much to me.


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