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Let me start from the begining. We noticed some problems with our son just before his first birthday with his speach and communication. The doctor tesred hearing and he was almost completely deaf. So they inserted tubes in his ears. In september, at 18 months old, we were rushed to a children's hospital because he had a sevear infectious disease called mastoiditis. He was sedated for 36 hours and underwent treatment and surgery. Well now we have still not noticed any speach or communication improvements. We took him to the doctor and they concluded that he needs many further testing becaus they think he has brain damage due to the infectious disease as well as his hearing is not improving. They told me to try to find other ways to communicate and teach him as well as new disiplinary options while we wait for more results and I am at a total loss about how to go about that. Is there anyone with disabled children who can five me advice?
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Re: help.!

Check with your local school district! Depending on your state and school funding, you might be able to get him into early intervention. I have several friends who did thus with their kids and they made spectacular improvements in early head start. However the wait list can be long for testing, etc so getting the referral for testing from your doctor ASAP is best. If he makes needed improvements before his name is top of the list, he can always be taken off, but if you do a wait and see it can set back when he starts intervention services. Also these services are free to you since they are pay of the public education system. Classrooms include paraeducators, therapists, etc.
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