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Waking and Screaming when put to bed??!!

I love nursing then rocking my 14 month old baby to sleep at night... but just in the last week she has awaken every time I have gotten up to put her into bed. Then SCREAMed for me. I don't generally go back into her room after I walk out (heartbreaking when she is standing up screaming)... and USUALLY she is calm, if not sleeping withing 5-45 minutes. but What is going on, why the sudden and dramatic change?

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Re: Waking and Screaming when put to bed??!!

Though there might be many reasons behind that fact like the child might be hungry or has gas blotting problem. I have also come across the fact that sleeping children are very sensitive. So, before moving away from the baby, try to move slowly, carefully, deliberately, and lovingly.

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Re: Waking and Screaming when put to bed??!!

I like the other suggestion about carefully leaving the room after putting baby down. Maybe just having your hand on her back as she falls back asleep after being moved would help?


Here is some good information that you might find helpful:



P.S. I miss the days of holding my sleeping baby. Enjoy every minute:smileyhappy:


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