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Vomiting Issue

I have a toddler that is almost 2. will be 2 in september.  just recently she has been vomiting almost every night right before bed. We think it may be separation anxiety. She would cry and get worked up and then vomit. Now she vomits without even crying. It is always at night at bedtime.  IS this a phase that eill work itself out? It came on so suddenly.  My wife and I are very worried about her.

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Re: Vomiting Issue

I don't want to scare you because it is most likely what you mentioned. However, it is definitely worth mentioning to her doctor.  There are some instances where this could be an indication of a seizure.  It does sound like she's vomiting from getting so worked up and upset though. A visit to her doctor might be a good idea just to be sure.

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Re: Vomiting Issue

Definitely bring it up to your ped! My niece had something similar happen. Everyone in her family, my parents, and our family got norovirus around the same time, and while everyone else stopped throwing up, my niece was throwing up every night when she'd go to bed after dinner. The ped told my sister that if toddlers throw up hard enough, they can actually damage the sphincter that keeps everything down, so that when they lay down for bed it all spills back up. It took a few weeks for hers to heal up completely and life to go on as normal. But her ped also wanted to know if it kept going on after a couple weeks.

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Re: Vomiting Issue

my son can cry until he chokes on his tears and then starts to vomit because of it.. maybe the same thing is happening here? episode 2 or 3 of season 1 of supernanny showed how to slowly ease them into their own bed/room

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