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Twins & bed transistions

Hi :smileyhappy:


I have twin boys who turned 2 on June 27th, they share a bedroom an have sepereate cribs and sleep seperatly, they are good sleepers and they ususally spend about 30 mins talkin to one another before going to sleep, recently one started "attempting" to climb out of his crib he only succeed one time in getting out, then my other son did the same as well, just trying to climb out that one didnt actucally make it out, However it made me nervous that they would an may hurt themselves, Im very nervous about moving them to big boy beds and people keep suggesting they are too big for cribs? I dont feel they are, Should I have transistioned them by now? How do I manage that transition ?


thanks in advance!



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Re: Twins & bed transistions

I think it's different for every child.  I transitioned my son at age 2 from his crib to a toddler race car bed.  As nervous as I was about it, he did just fine.  It was so low to the ground that I didn't have to worry about him rolling out of it.  He too had begun to try to climb out of his crib and it scared me to death! I put a baby gate up in his doorway and made sure his room was completely safe in case he got up during the night to "wander" least he would be confined to his room.  I also had/have a video monitor so I could see him during the night.  With my daughter, she has health issues so I transitioned her much later.  She was in her crib until age 4.  I transitioned her from crib to a twin bed.  I put a bed rail up on one side and the wall was on the other side.  Nervous as I was, she did fantastic.  At her age, I was able to involved her in the big girl bed process so she understood this was her new place to sleep.  With my son being much younger, I also kept telling him this was his big boy bed and how proud I was of him.  I let him get used to it during the day and he napped in it that day. 


I have a picture I can show you of how we set up my daughter's twin bed.  The picture option is being worked on in the Community right now but as soon as it's back up, I'll post for you to see. :smileyhappy:


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Re: Twins & bed transistions

I have twin girls, and they had a bunk bed crib that they quickly started to outgrow. At about 18 months old we decided it was time for big girl beds. We had previously taken their door off the hinges so we put a gate up so they were stuck in their room until the next morning. We put them side by side with about 2 feet between so they didn't feel alone but didn't distract each other. It worked wonderfully and they are successfully still sleeping in their own beds and are 2 and a half now :smileyhappy:
Parents get more worried about the transition than the children do because the parent sees everything that can go wrong where as the children see something new and exciting. I'd say your biggest concern should probably be keeping them in bed instead of getting up to play lol!
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Re: Twins & bed transistions

I think with their movement patterns, they should be transitioned by now. That would help them grow in a better way also.


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