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Re: Too close???

Many families do not use daycare, so that is irrelevent to a lot of people's decision making process. 

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Re: Too close???

Of course financial is important but we had problems getting pregnant so I had my first at 37, pregnant w my 2nd at 38 now, and plan on having one more. You can plan financially without that 4 year gap if you do it right. And we don't need daycare bc I own my own business and have my mom and MIL.
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Re: Too close???

hahoward1980: actually, by the sheer amount of numbers of day cares and children in before and afterschool care...ALOT of people use daycares. Financially, with todays economy, its alot harder to loose an income to be a stay at home parent, so when you do have two working parents, more likely than not, some type of daycare is being used.

This is a factor influencing my decision to have another. IF i have another, the financial burden of health insurance costs, diapers (which I am about to switch to cloth so that wont be much), food (when solids are introduced..i breastfeed.. well breastfed 14 months), snacks, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. would force me to return to work, despite the fact that my husband and I really wouldn't want that. It would just be too much for him to do alone and I feel guilty that he works so hard, and I stay home all day (im also a honors student at college). But add daycare to those costs, and it adds up even more.

:smileyhappy: just sayin! 

It definitely is a blessing if you are able to stay home, but theres also that real world factor of most children are in daycare at some given time and point in their lives.

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Re: Too close???

My oldest is 8 1/2 and I have only been able to stay at home for the last two years.  Before that we both worked full time jobs.  We are anti-daycare, so my husband and I always worked opposite shifts so that we would be the ones raising our kids.  Daycare works for some people, but not for us.  We don't live by any family at all (the closest being 2 1/2 hours away) so babysitters are out as well.  We wouldn't change a thing about how we have chosen to do this.... and out of all of our friends, none of them have let daycare costs choose whether or not they add another baby to their family.

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Re: Too close???

I was reading that having kids close in age does make it hard for the older (still being so young) to understand the attention a baby needs, but that they end up having a great relationship when they get a bit older. I don't think you are crazy, but I don't think I could handle it myself. My son is 3 and I can't imagine having another little one running around. I do have baby fever which drives my hubby crazy, but we are not planning to have another until our son is in school. Daycare is sooo crazy expensive! 


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