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Toddler asks for one thing, than cries for something different

My daughter is 3.5, going on 4 in Feb.  She is constantly asking for one thing, than when we offer it to her she cries that she wants something different.  Just this morning I offered her a Go-gurt, and instead she asked for a yogurt cup that mommy and daddy eat.  So I said ok and I opened it and gave it to her.  Once I gave it to her she cried that she didn't want it, she wanted the Go-gurt. She does this with almost everything she can.  I will offer her milk and she will say no, so I will give her water instead and than she will cry for the milk.  I have no idea how to handle this.  Time out doesnt work.  Does anyone have any advice?? I need help.

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Re: Toddler asks for one thing, than cries for something different

Most toddlers of this age behaves similarly, their mind changes frequently, they demand something at one point of time, again says something other. This is quite normal. Parents frequently become angry by their toddler's tantrums. Sometimes to draw attention of their parents, toddlers show these kind of tentrums. Don't pay much attention to them, it will disappear afer a certain period of time.


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