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Teething Tips

Between ages 1 and 3, a child will grow his/her full set of 20 teeth! As I've found with my daughter, each new tooth seems to bring it's own set of issues with it. We've had excessive drooling, a face rash, mild temperature, and my least favorite - the waking up every hour because her gums hurt. Sometimes the paci helps, but other times it get spit out and thrown across the room. We've dosed her with Tylenol a couple of times when she couldn't sleep, but we try to keep medicine as a last resort. Most of the teeth are in now, but we still have a set of molars that will come sometime in the next 6 months.


Any advice to help soothe sore gums or good distraction techniques? Tell me what's worked for you and your tots.



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Re: Teething Tips

If I KNOW they're teething I use pain meds. For the molars with DD1 I used both ibuprofen and tylenol. I figure we aren't using it long term. My kids are pretty quick teethers too, they're usually only uncomfortable for a few days. I did feel bad though because with DD1's two year molars she was a total pill and I never connected two and two.

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Re: Teething Tips

my one year old has almost all her teeth and i used popsicales and teething tablets they are organic and safe for babys (;



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Re: Teething Tips

could it be the teething that has brought a severe face rash to my baby? she is 9 months and got a rash which wont go. two weeks ago she got her upper tooth but funny enough the first two incissors came at 6months and there was no rush.

i have used antibiotics, intamine cream but no effects. the face looks lyke someone with chicken pox and the problem is she scratches it especially when she sweats.

what can i do? please advise.


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