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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare

oops, I didn't finish a sentence. 

Ask your teacher to send a note home each evening telling of one thing they will be doing the next day, then you can tell your child "you are going to get to _____ today" Sometimes when the parent knows what he is doing it helps them to feel better. Like your magic or something, they will come home, "MOM, you told us we were going to paint and we did!!" 

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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare

There is a book called the Kissing Hand. And it is a book about what you did. Tells the child to put their hand to their face and know that your kisses are with them anytime they miss u.
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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare

I feel your pain. My daughter is the same age and started preschool a few weeks ago. One week she will be fine and the next she will be clinging onto me for dear life. It is so hard but I have been told simple good byes are best. I give my daughter a kiss and remind her that I will be back to get her.


I sure hope things are getting easier for you and your little one.



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Re: Sudden morning seperation at daycare

I'm not that original poster but wanted to sY thanks for all the suggestions. I did do the picture of us, which daycare operators threatened. (Humorously) to take away cuz she carried it around crying. I have taken a firmer stand and basically told DD this is the way it is and no amount of crying is going to change it. That I wish I was with her but worked like the other mommies, daddies, etc. I do think it was be omg more of a game with her in part, but since being firming, she's done much better. Actually had two days in a row do zero crying! Provider so happy she gave her a quarter. Ha!
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