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Soon to be 5 year old boy still peeing in bed

My son did SO WELL once he decided he wasn't wearing Pull Ups anymore at night.  He just did it  - no muss no fuss.


Lately though he has begun to pee in his bed at least once a week.  He seems way "too comfortable" with it, realizing he's done it but not waking us to change his bedding.  We find out in the morning when it's partially dried but all of his bedding and stuffies stink like urine.  What is going on here?

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Re: Soon to be 5 year old boy still peeing in bed

Are there any major changes going on in your lives right now? 

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Re: Soon to be 5 year old boy still peeing in bed

Like the other post asked if there is changes going on in your life that could be a problem or he could be drinking liquids too close to bedtime, UTI could also be an issue, also some children espeically boys have problems with bed wetting till they are about 8 years old. what I would do is make sure he doesn't drink a couple hours before bedtime and maybe wake him up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

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Re: Soon to be 5 year old boy still peeing in bed

My son has exactly the same...he will turn 5 in October. 

He is potty trained since he is 2,5 and also during the night since he was 3. When he started school...then it started happening....not only in bed but even at school...

And like yours, he doesnt mind being wet....he doesnt wake up and if at school nobody notice ( dark jeans etc) he doesnt say a thing...

We asked a sort of parenting coach we have here...and she said it is normal....and advised us to put him to pee around 22h and have fixed " pee time"  ...mainly just after eating/drinking....before bedtime...and when he wakes up;..but not too often so the bladder had to be " trained to wait till it is really full " and also at 22h really wake him up so he doesnt pee while sleeping...again about the bladder not giving the brain the signal that is OK to pee while sleeping...

Another tool was rewarding...we have a sticker board and if he completes a row ( like 7 stickers) he gets a reward...which can be from deciding which veggie he wants to eat for dinner...or watching a DVD ....till small gifts...  

It does work....takes will not solve in few weeks...

I also noticed that my son goes back to this wetting the bed if he is upset at school or if we were a bit stronger with him...we know he is a very sensitive kid so I think it will take a bit longer. 

His brother who is 3,5 was potty trainned at 3 and he was first dry at night and doesnt even need to do the  22h pee....but he is less sensitive as his brother ....2 totally different characters... so...I just let it go...keep the routine and praise him when he achieve his goal! and do not menting when he doesnt...we just say we will try again later. 

Oh yeah...another tip from the coach was: if he wets his pants...he has to change himself...get a new pants and put the wet ones on the laundry...that also helps sometimes...

Good luck! And no are not alone!


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Re: Soon to be 5 year old boy still peeing in bed

Have the doctor check his blood sugar levels to be on the safe side.  When a child's blood sugar goes high the body tries to flush the sugar by making more urine.  When my boy was 7 he began to wet the bed and was diagnosed (within weeks) with Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetes.


If his blood sugar levels are totally normal, then I would agree to wake him gently during the night (around 1 pm) to urinate, and then go back to sleep.  To make sure that you wake up in order to get him up, drink lots of water before bedtime.

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