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Sleep help

My daughter was misdiagnosed with colic because she cried for about 20 hours a day. At 2 months she was diagnosed with an allergy to wipes that left her with bleeding welts and gerd so she threw up everything she ate. All the crying was because she was starving and in pain. We switched everything and overnight she was a different baby. Only problem is she had no idea how to calm herself or put herself to sleep. The only thing that worked was rocking her in her stroller. She just turned one and we still do that. If I put her in the crib she screams and if we rock her then move her she wakes up. Please help! Any advice would be appreciated!
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Re: Sleep help

I really like the book Good Night Sleep Tight. I used sleep lady shuffle with both my kids to get them sleeping through the night. It's also fully inclusive for sleep issues/ ideas from birth through kindergarten.
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Re: Sleep help

We used the mommys bliss gripe water when our daughter was gassy as an infant. It worked well! She would get colicky in the evenings but swaddling helped her sleep good until she could roll over. We then switched to a sleep sack. The zipadee zip was the best one by far. Thankful for good products to help us moms!

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