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Screams and cries when potty training - HELP!

My sister is having a hard time with her 3 year old daughter and potty training.  She has potties all over the house, she's done the whole pants-off thing, but it's hard because she only has Saturday and Sunday to train before everyone goes back to work/daycare for the week.  Daycare is really trying to help, but at the end of the day, she comes home with 4-5 pairs of wet underwear.  3yo screams and cries when my sister gently tries to potty train and now everyone is at their wit's end.  They've been at it hardcore for about 3 weeks.  Is it time to put the potties away for a few weeks and then try again?  Or are they already in it and just need to keep going?  Anyone have any experience with this?

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Re: Screams and cries when potty training - HELP!

I'd leave the potties out (I only leave them in the bathroom though) but just put her back in diapers, no pressure at all. She might just need a little bit off a break to decide it's her idea.

There's no need to keep trying, especially if it's stressful for all involved. Potty training should be low stress and easy going off the kid is ready.
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Re: Screams and cries when potty training - HELP!

My daughter is going to be 2 . at 18 months under the pressure of family, I tried to potty train my daughter, she cried and I stopped. I didnt want her to find frustration and fear in it. now  shes showing signs of potty training. if she doesnt want to potty right at any moment. I dont pressure her. Make sure the daycare knows how to handle your type of training. Ive heard a few workers be negitive to kids and those kids are def not wanting to participate. They dont want to displease a parent , and if anyone has said something not nice, they could fear letting someone down. my sister use to call her daughter pee pants, and her daughter was 4 when she was trained. she thought embaressment helped, it doesnt. I wish you the best, hopefully she will find security and her self and not be afraid soon best of luck

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Re: Screams and cries when potty training - HELP!

I swear by I have 1 boy and 1 girl and it worked for both. It takes the absolute commitment though. I don't believe you can just "try the method" without buying and reading her book. My husband even takes a day of vacation to do it, but it has to be important to you to do it, you can't do it half way. The structure of the plan was amazing for both my kids and me. My daughter went thru 12 pair of underwear in the first hour and I thought I was going to cry, but she was dry overnight and had it down the next day. I've had friends try this method and fail, but it was mainly because they either tried it without the book or didn't 100% follow her method. I promise I don't know the author and this isn't a gimmick. It was the longest 3 days of my life, but so thankful for getting through it in the end.
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Re: Screams and cries when potty training - HELP!

I am the mother of 14 children. First I would suggest stopping for awhile. If you have gotten to the point of tears and frustration, you BOTH need a break.  Second, keep heart. No child goes to school in diapers! LOL!


As for my suggestions when you try again.


1) Never make it a power struggle. You can not force a child to potty train, so it is a fight you can not win.

2) As will all things toddler- make it fun!! Toddlers love to make mommy happy! They love games!

3) Toddlers will do almost anything for a pretty sticker! Hang up a piece of colored paper, and each time they use the potty they get to put a sticker on the paper. Hang it right by the potty.

4) Make it no fun to wet/soil your panties. I stopped using warm clothes to clean their bottoms. I told them, "You are so old, ONLY cold water will work to clean you now. "  Don't be mean, but warm cozy mommy time with diaper changing needs to stop. Make it quick and cold.

5) Clap and praise using the potty!!!  The opposite with soiled panties. Clean it with almost no comment.


They will soon get the idea, that it is great to be big! Hugs, Barbara


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