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Potty Training Double-Trouble

I have two year old twin boys who refuse to use the potty. I have tried everything from sitting on the potty with them to letting them watch tv on the potty. But they won't give. One will scream and cry at the mere mention of the word while the other one simply says no potty. I have put the child's seat on the actual toilet and let them step up to it and still nothing. I've tried to even let them go to the bathroom with my brother and that still doesn't work. They are almost three and still in pull-ups. I'm all out of ideas. Please Help!!!!
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Re: Potty Training Double-Trouble

I have twin girls and a 4 year old son. The girls I am planning on training 1 at a time (for my sanity haha) but my son at first seemed easy enough going #1 but refused anything more. He would wear his underwear until he had to #2 and ask for a diaper. Hoping the phase would pass I gave in. I couldn't afford to diaper all 3 (since he was a different size than the girls) so one day when he was out of diapers he begged and begged for one and I told him he doesn't have anymore and he got so desperate he ran to the potty! You could try 1 at a time taking the pull ups away.
Good luck!
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Re: Potty Training Double-Trouble

They may not be ready. If they aren't interested then it'll be harder on you & them. I recommend the huggies potty dvd, a simple book, lots of patience, stickers for sitting on the potty m&ms (only 1 -2 pieces when they do something). And use underwear or cloth training pants w/ the plastic covers ; if they choose the underwear they are more likely to be excited. Use the diaper type items on long car rides when there may not be anywhere to stop. Talk about why people use the potty instead of diapers and how nice it is to be clean and dry. Don't make it a competition, let them take their time. Also put a basket of small toys /books b/sd the potty for occupiers. Take them every 1/2 to one hrs and sit 3-4mins. Have a potty party and cheer n clap when they use it. You know when u are all having fun kids respond easier. The more they are involved with the process and see how much fun it is the more likely they will want to use the potty. Maybe even have them or other family members cheer for you when you use the potty. Also, it is developmentally appropriate for accidents to happen through age 5 or not to be fully trained until age 3 1/2-4years. Above all: Have Fun!
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Re: Potty Training Double-Trouble

It is quite difficult to train your infants for potty, but you have to keep some patience and teach a lesson your kids with love, tell them its importance, they will surely understand.


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