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Play with parents or playdates?

We have a 2+ year old who has been in daycare since 2 months old.


Our typical Monday-Friday will be dropping her off around 7:30, pick her up around 5:30, run home, one of us will try and keep her busy while the other will get things ready (cleanup, cooking, table, all the good things that need to be done.


One weeknight will have a young lady come in for a couple of hours so our daughter can practice her second language with another person other than us.


On Saturdays we spend a bit of time with her but also arrange for play dates; we figured she will be bored to death if she spent all her weekend with only us and that also gives us the opportunity to get together with friends.


On Sundays, we will have another young lady play with her for a couple of hours as we get things ready for the week.


Here is the question: we have been told by some people that we have too many play dates. “The kid has all the kid interaction she needs during the week”. We should be spending all the time with her on weekends and not involve others as she needs more parent time.


We would appreciate some feedback on this issue.



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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

I think it's a very individual thing for each family. The quality time you have with your daughter is most important. Some kids need more one on one parent time and some kids are very individual and don't need as much. The best thing is to watch your daughter. If she acts overly tired, starts having some behavioral problems, trouble sleeping, etc then she is probably too busy and needs some scaling back.

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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

I agree, I think it's really and individual family choice. Everyone does what they need to do to make their family work.


My sister has one child (10 yrs) I have three (4,8 and 10 years) We differ 100% on this subject. She has many play dates for her child and has since he was an infant. I just started doing play dates and they are really more of get togethers at the park. I have only left my kids with one other family that I have known for 10 plus years. My kids could likely learn to be a little more social while my sisters child could likely learn to be with himself and not always have to be entertained.


My sister thinks I don't give my children enough to do and I think she over schedules hers.


These are two extreme examples. I am sure there is a happy medium somewhere :smileyhappy:




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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

It is obvious to spend time with your kid as a parent. At the same time, she should be also encouraged to play with kids of her age and your daughter must spending those quality time in daycare with other kids. Therefore, don't think all these things, enjoy your beautiful moments. 

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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

I'll start off by saying that there is no right or wrong answer here, and no right or wrong way to parent. That being said, it's MY opinion that her schedule needs to be cut down a little. I MEAN she's only 2 and she has the schedule of an adult. Its def good for her to go to daycare bc she gets social interaction with kids. She's in daycare for 40 hours a week it seems, so that is plenty of social time. Trying to "keep her busy" while cooking dinner? That could be a time when she could have free play on her own. A 2 year old isn't going to get bored. They can find find ways to entertain themselves, which gives her a chance to use her imagination. Of course getting together with your friends on the weekend is good for mom and dad and if there are kids for her to play with then great, but she def does need family time with just your family. I think people today are so focused on kids being busy all the time and having something to do that they don't let them just be kids.
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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

Thank you all for your valuable feedback. We have actually started cutting back a little bit to see how things go. The other issue is that the husband is on the road a bit so mommy is trying to keep the little one busy. While daddy travels, the little one does not want to go to sleep till midnight . . . she used to go to sleep by 8:30 in the past.


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Re: Play with parents or playdates?

In my opinion, time to reorganize things in your life.


Our daughter attends a daycare center as well. However in the evenings when I pick her up I try to find things we can do to spend some quality time with her. 


Meals during the week for us are usually farely simple meals, pasta, mac n cheese, hot dogs etc. This gives us more time to spend with our daughter. 


Weekends we take our daughter for nature walks, do family outings. 


You're denying your opportunities to develop that close bond and quality time with your child. I think that play dates now and then outside daycare is great but every single weekend and both Saturday and Sundays is a bit over board. 


Time to find things around your neighborhood and home that you can do together as a family. Get out and make some memories with your child. If you're constantly relying on someone else to amuse your daughter eventually she will not know how to stay home and spend some time with family when you want her to.


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