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My daughter doesn't want to poop in the potty???

My daughter is 2 years and half, we started with the potty train during the Summer. She pick up the pull ups and underwear that she like, she didn't like any of the potty chairs so we got the one that is going on the top of the adult bathroom (sorry don't remember the name but I'm Italian and still learning English), for the first week she was in pull ups and every 20 minutes she was sitting in the bathroom, she got a sticker for her sticker book everytime ,even when she didn't do anything because she was sitting there and trying. When she did something we gave her a sticker and a little bag of gummy bears. After one week, I was keeping her in underwear in the house and put on the pull ups when we were leaving the house, we even did a 10 hours car trip driving and she always told us when she needed to go, she kept her pull up dry for the whole time that we were in the car. So since August she is on pull ups only at night because 3 night out of 7 she will pee (she is not waking up at night for go pee, she sleep all night long) but she won't poop on the bathroom, what do to??? She doesn't have any problems, and she can feel the stimolations for go, most of the times she poop without making a face, the stools are not hard and not soft/ liquid, they are normal and always always she is coming to me and say "I did poop mamy" why she can't tell me before so we can go to the bathroom?

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Re: My daughter doesn't want to poop in the potty???

She might be worried about it, my son used to cry to wear diapers only to poop but wore underwear and used the potty for pee. I read everything, cut holes in the diaper and make him sit on potty, didn't work. Make frequent trips to try on potty, didn't work. He cried and begged for a diaper. One day there was no more diapers and he cried at first but saw that he was not going to win and ran to the potty. He was too desperate to keep begging and he did it! If You Take Away The Pull ups, Maybe She Will Be More Motivated So She Doesn't Ruin Her Big Girl Underwear :smileyhappy:
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