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My 3 year old daughter is terrified of the toilet.

My daughter is 3 and I'm trying to potty train her. But she's terrified of the toilet and her training potty. She cries and screams every time I try putting her on either one. I've even tried taking all her clothes and diaper off but that doesn't seem to help. When she is getting ready to be put on either one she freaks out and locks up her legs so they can't be bent to sit her down. Anyone have any advise on how to show her that either one are safe and won't hurt her? Or have any tips please share them.
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Re: My 3 year old daughter is terrified of the toilet.

Is she being left alone when on the potty?  Just thought maybe she doesn't want to be alone.  Did anything happen to scare her like feeling unsteady on one or anything like that?

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Re: My 3 year old daughter is terrified of the toilet.

I am sure you have, but I am gonna ask anyway - has she seen you sit on the potty? I know I get absolutly no provacy at home and my kids are often all up in my business while in the bathroom. When my daughter was potty training, sometimes I would catch her playing with her dolls and putting them on the potty because "baby go poo poo too mommy!"


When we first started training and it was hard to drag her away from playing or the TV, I moved the portable potty sit somewhere nearby instead having to go all the way to the bathroom. Sometimes I even put a towel down on the carpet, put the potty on it and let her watch TV while she sat in the potty. Sounds bad, I know. But I can still remember the first time she went poop on that thing, right there in the living room. After that I made her use the regular toilet, lol.

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