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My 2 year old is biting at daycare for no reason any advice on how to get him to stop?

My 2 year old son is biting all of the kids in his daycare class every day.  The teachers are telling me that he is just going up to the other kids and biting them very hard for no reason.  They do the usual actions of telling him that biting isn't nice and put him in time out but that doesn't seem to be working.  He doesn't bit at home at all and he is an only child so my husband and I can't correct him at home.  Any suggestions on how to help him get past this?

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Re: My 2 year old is biting at daycare for no reason any advice on how to get him to stop?

Biting usually is associated with frustration and the frustration is many times caused by not being understood or not being able to communicate. The child probably doesn't bite at home because all his needs are met and even if there his speech is not completely developed parents know what every sound every move means. If the child says "ba" the parents will know he means milk and gives him a bottle. In the classroom it is very hard for a teacher to meet every child's needs and it takes time to learn every child's non-verbal and verbal cues. It is easier to put him in time out than to closely observe what leads him to bite and help him to learn language so he can communicate and eliminate his frustration. So some investigating needs to be done. Also in the classroom there is a lot of competition for things that at home there isn't. Was he competing for something? Was there only 1 car or 1 ball. What happened prior to the incident? It is the school's duty to create an environment where children can play without biting and teach kids how to communicate in the classroom. It is the parent's duty to realize if the child has a speech delay and get them some intervention so he is ready to face the scary world of preschool. It is so hard...unfortunately it is easier for teachers to put them in time out and label them as a biter than to intervene before the biting and help the child communicate.
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Re: My 2 year old is biting at daycare for no reason any advice on how to get him to stop?

Hi lisack27! Any updates on your LO?

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