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Major potty training issues with 5 year old, please help!

I have a 5 year old daughter who is having major potty training issues. I orginally had her potty trained when she was 2 but when me and her dad split she reverted back to diapers. I again had her potty trained a year later but she reverted again after visits began with her dad. I am currently potty training her and her younger brother (he's one year younger) and he is doing amazing, he's having one accident every so often.


However, my daughter is having 2-3 accidents a day. Sometimes she tells me she doesn't have to go potty when I ask then has an accident soon after. Other times, she just doesn't tell anyone she just goes wherever she is even if its within 2 feet of the bathroom. I've tried everything. I have potty charts and a reward system we've been using for the last few months. She did very well with it at first but now she doesn't care about getting m&ms for going potty or anything else. 


She's going to kindergarten next year. Her teacher has talked to me and we agree she needs to be fully potty trained by the end of the summer.


I'm out of ideas. I've stopped liquids an hour before bedtime, I've continued the potty chart and reward system, I've even tried taking away prevliges she enjoys to get her to go to the bathroom (like watching tv), and I have a reward system where if she goes so ten days without an accident then me and her will have a princess picnic. She got to four and now doesn't care again. She's even having potty training problems at her dads. Please help! 

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Re: Major potty training issues with 5 year old, please help!

First of all, I am going through a divorce so let me start by saying I know how tough it is to be alone while trying to raise 2 young children. If I were you, (without knowing all the details of your situation) I would try to keep life as normal as possbile..don't do diapers, go to the park, do fun things as much as possible and don't focus on the potty training. Don't talk to her Dad about potty training (in front of her) and just let her figure it out. Give her lots of positive attention (I know if can be exhausting) but still set boundaries. I have a blog about being a single mom and can totally relate to your struggles also have a post about the facts about potty training

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