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Help with 3 year old potty training

Hello everyone,


I have two children, both girls and the one I want to talk about is my youngest who is 3.  I would have to say right before she turned 3 this year she demanded to start using the potty.  So I guess self-started potty training?  We had been at it for about a year without any real success, the standard 2 week good training happening and then stop sort of thing.  So imagine my surprise when she started demanding to do it herself and kept at it with the timed schedule and everything, she was accident free and pretty much potty trained fully within 2-3 weeks.


Now a few months later, she is having accidents, so frequently now that I have put her back in pull ups because I couldn't keep up in the laundry!  It all started to happen when the "Nina needs to go" cartoon commercials came on the tv.  She is immitating those like a "T" which is out of character for her really, to put off going potty for so long that she comes running doing the dance and then of course we don't make it in time.


What can I do to get my girl back where she was in big girl panties?


Thank you all who can respond.

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Re: Help with 3 year old potty training

I don't have an answer for your question but I think what you are seeing is quite normal. Here we start school at 3 and the condition is that the child has to be able to go to bathroom on her own, no pullups allowed. My son was terrible about it and we secretly wore pullups.

When principal discovered he was still in pullups she wanted to suspend him. I promised her we will take care of this and sent him without anything but he usually came dry. He didn't want to embarrass himself in front of his friends, I guess. Things are so much easier when child wants something herself and is willing to cooperate.


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Re: Help with 3 year old potty training

Oh how frustrating potty training is!


I don't have any advice - that particular situation I am not familiar with, except for always being told children can regress when there are other changes going on tthta throw them for a loop, like moving, starting preschool, or the arrival of a new sibling.


Best of luck!  I'm sure she will get past this, hopefully sooner rather than later! I have a son who will be 3 in a few weeks and he just isn't interested in using the potty.


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