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Help my 6 yr old is a compulsive liar!

Please help!
My 6yr old step son has become a compulsive liar! He has been doing this for over a year now, but it seems to have gotten worse in the last few months. He will lie about things that don't matter in the least, and even if myself or his dad say "no thats not quite right, its more like this..." he gets really upset. Often time he truly belives what he is doing is the right thing even though i just watched him hit the cat for no reason, or throw something of mine accross the house. He will lie about which pencil he just used, or what he had for lunch. This is getting out of hand and no forms of punishment no matter how severe have any effect. Hes generally a good kid and i feel guilty because by mid afternoon my pateince is gone. He tells me all the time "I've changed I'll never lie again" then is lying agan minutes later. Please help!
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Re: Help my 6 yr old is a compulsive liar!

How frustrating! Have you tried praise/rewards for telling the truth? Often positive reinforcement will go further than negative consequences.


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Re: Help my 6 yr old is a compulsive liar!

Do you call him on the lies that don't matter? I think I would ignore that he's lying about which pencil he just used, don't even address it. Like you said it doesn't matter. Then I would make an effort to praise him for telling the truth. But I wouldn't openly tell him that. If you have other children do the same with them. He will see the wonderful attention they are getting and want the same. Be sure to be paying attention and give praise for the small stuff.
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