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Desperatly need help!

I feel like i am constanly yelling at my son and that really bothers me. I am having trouble getting him to listen to me when i ask him to do something or to stop doing something. All babies pull hair but my son hasn't grown out of that and will not stop yanking on my hair. It is not an attention thing because he does it out of the blue he will come over and grab a hand full of my hair at the base of my neck and yank as hard as he can. He does it through out the night when he reaches for me when he wakes up. He even does it in the morning when he wants me to get up. HE doesn't say mommy get up, he just grabs a handful of my hair andf yanks. I keep my hair pulled up but he still manages to get a hold of the short ones at the base of my neck. His hair pulling is just the tip of the iceburg. I am having trouble with him hitting, shoving ,and kicking. the thing is he doesn;t do it at school and hardly ever does it with his dad. He does it to me the hitting, the kicking shoveling, i feel like my son is bullying me and i don't know how to stop it. I have put in a call to his doctor about it and getting him evalutated with behavioral pediatrics. I have the number for beech acres. I am just getting so frustrated.


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