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Daycare during leave

So my Husband and I are in a dilemma.  I plan to take 6 weeks (unpaid) off and then he will take 6 weeks off from work (partially paid) but we currently have 2 children that will be in 4K needing transportation to daycare from school for the rest of the school year.  Normally, I know that daycare's do not allow a child to be off for a long period of time and in this case, it would be 12 weeks. 


The problem is that the unpaid leave will likely not leave enough left in the budget for 300 per week in daycare costs, and I can't have them lose their daycare spot because they would have no way home from school for the rest of the year. 


Any suggestions???

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Re: Daycare during leave

Have you by chance talked to your daycare about your dilemma?  Be up front with them about your situation and just see what they say?

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Re: Daycare during leave

I understand entirely, I took 12 weeks off unpaid but needed to keep my sons spot in daycare for when I went back. I couldn't afford 200 a week with no income on my part (my husbands was paying all the other bills). Luckily we have been there 2.5 years and it is church run. I set up a meeting with the administrator and office admin and asked if we could work out something. We decided that my son could come 2 days a week at a "drop in" rate ($50) a week and he would not lose his spot. This let him stay in the routine and made the amount manageable enough that I just saved up the money needed ahead of time. 


If you don't want them to go at all (my 2 year old needed to keep going some since we had just bought a new house and he got a baby sister all in a 6 week span I was the one who wanted him to have that consistency). Try asking about making an exception and just letting them stop coming with the promise to return full time, with a new little one to boot, when maternity is up. Most decent daycares would probably rather keep a good, familiar client happy than risk losing your business. 


The most important things are time and attitude, go in as far in advance as possible, I went months before my due date, and without an attitude of entitlement. Most daycare people really do love children and care about families and because of their own pay they are more likely to understand financial burden than you may think.
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Re: Daycare during leave

I work for an au pair agency, it is so much better and cheaper than daycare. You pay the same price per family not per child. Send me an e mail if you are interested


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