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Activities for 4 year old with broken arm...

My four year old son fell over the side of a kiddy pool 3 days ago and broke his arm in the elbow, in three places. But does this slow him down ANY? Noooo! He is on a mission to break the other one by the time this one heals. I've been tring to keep him busy with calm activities and keep him from running and jumping as he is currently in a half cast and has already hurt his broken arm several times from falling. However, keeping him calm is not going so well as he is an extreamly hyper child and he already has so much pent up energy that he is extreamly irritable and hardly sleeping. Does anyone know of activities to burn energy and are safe for a broken arm?

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Re: Activities for 4 year old with broken arm...

Hi There,


Sound like mommy needs a break! Sorry to hear about your son's arm.


A four year old boy is a handful without the broken arm:smileyhappy: We haven't had any broken bones so I haven't had to deal with this but I will put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.


First, did you paint his cast? It might be fun for him to try and paint it or get some fancy duct tape and wrap it, something to keep him busy for 10 minutes and have a little fun.


Although they make great casts now that are waterproof, I'm not sure he has one or you are up for any water activities. If he does have a water proof one, swim with him at a local pool for a few hours. This makes kids pretty tired and he may settle down easier once he is home.


You could pick up a few board games like candyland and play that with him. Finger painting is fun and easy. Ask him to make as many animals as he can using his hand print.


Crank up the music and have a dance off. I bet he will teach you a few new moves :smileyhappy:


Talk to your doctor about giving him childrens pain reliever so he sleeps better at night.




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