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4 year old ipad junkie

i can not move my boy from playing games on ipad, when i take it from him he is absolutely mad. i tried to switch him to storybooks, but no use and now looking for some good interactive storybooks - any suggestions?

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Re: 4 year old ipad junkie

My daughter loves her ipad as well and also gets grumpy when we take it from her.  Although we will put her in time out if she throws a fit when we take it away and she's beginning to understand that her behavior is not ok.  My parents got her 2 books where they recorded their voices reading to her and she loves those.

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Re: 4 year old ipad junkie

Let him plan a 'trip' or outing to the park a fave place, zoo,etc using the iPad. Tell him that when u get there the iPad stays in the car so he is free to explore his outing. also, Story Mouse is a great app. & hallmark has some book apps too.
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Re: 4 year old ipad junkie

I'm not sure how you're doing financially,


But I've heard of either a tablet or a Kindle where there's a time limit. Once they've reached the time limit of which they've been playing, it shuts off. This presents an opportunity for you to push them to go play outside :smileyhappy: she's four years old so she might not understand that this is a bad habit, but start using positive reinforcement for activities which are non-ipad related such as playtime and reading.


Good luck!


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Re: 4 year old ipad junkie

Just be the adult in the situation and set parameters. You clan play for X amount of time if you pick up your toys, don't fight with your brother, etc. Also set the example, if you are on your iPhone a lot then this can seem contradictory to any child!
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