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3 year old and potty training

My niece will be 4 in March 2014. A couple of months ago, her mother (while pregnant) decided to potty train her.<br><br>All was going well and she would never wet herself. She would even go number 2 in the potty all by herself.<br><br>In October she started acting up and peeing in her panties. We would ask her if she had to use the potty and she would say &quot;umm. No.&quot; And then a few minutes later we would find a puddle in the living room. When her mom or grandma took her to the restroom they would have to do everything for her (undressing her, wiping her when she was done, putting her clothes back on, and helping her wash her hands.)<br><br>But when I took her, she would do everything on her own. I wouldn't help her unless she had trouble with buttons or reaching something. I would simply tell her &quot;Ok Suzy, what do you need to do next? &quot; and if she didn't know I would say something along the lines of &quot;Do you need to wipe yourself first? Or wash your hands?&quot; And she would get excited because she knew the answer.<br><br>Her mother doesn't believe in disciplining her because she was never disciplined as a child. So when Suzy wants a 2nd popsicle its &quot;No Suzy. You already had 1 for today&quot; But when Suzy throws a fit, they give in.<br><br>I tried explaining that when I took Psychology I learned that if you tell your child that you're going to do something if they don't behave, you need to do it. If you say &quot;Suzy, if you don't eat your lunch you can't watch TV&quot; You can't turn it on just because she throws a fit. She will learn &quot;Oh ok. I can just throw a fit and mommy will do what I want her to do.&quot; Or &quot;I don't have to listen. Mommy will buy me that toy whether I behave or not&quot; Clearly my words didn't stick in her head because she has been doing this since Suzy was born.<br><br>Recently, she decided to warn her with the belt. She simply puts the belt in plain sight and says &quot;Suzy, if you don't behave I'm going to have to spank you with the belt&quot; Surely, she does NOT hit her daughter. But Suzy isn't even scared of the belt anymore because she knows her mom is lying.<br><br>Back to the potty training. Now if we ask Suzy if she has to go potty she says &quot;No&quot; and then pees herself. Because she started peeing herself so often. And because there is a new born in the house, Suzy was put on pull ups. Suzy has even gone so far as going number 2 in her panties and pull ups. Frequently.<br><br>She hides under the table in the kitchen and does her business like that. She has even got to the point where she won't even tell us if she needs to go or if she has already gone in her underwear. She just walks around wet and dirty.<br><br>Please do not think that there is no one in the house. There are 2 stay at home moms plus myself in the house all day long.<br><br>Because Suzy has been saying &quot;No&quot; every single time we ask if she needs to go, we take her anyways. Before she would whine a little but she would follow us to the restroom. Then she got to the point where we had to hold her hand to kind of tug her along. And now she's to the point where she cries and screams bloody murder. She even throws herself on the floor.<br><br>When we get her on the toilet she cries and screams like if she's dying. And she will not go at all. She's not constipated. But she DOES NOT want to go potty on the toilet. Which is frustrating because she used to like to use the toilet and she would brag that she did everything by herself.<br><br>What should we do about her problem? And how can we go about solving her behavior.<br><br>Please keep in mind that her mother does not believe in hitting her and Suzy is starting to laugh in our face and purposely ignore us thinking its hilarious.
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Re: 3 year old and potty training

No help on potty train but maybe u can get ur daughter into 123 behavior displean book help me and my best friend child a lot
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Re: 3 year old and potty training


i had a similar experience with my doughter when I had my second child. She was used to sleep by her self in her room and had just started to use the toilet. As soon as the baby came home, she returned to the baby habits.  I guess this is the same with Suzy, she is trying to have your attention, and what she does is immitating the new born. What I would suggest is giving her some time, forcing her to use the toilet wouldn't help, may be you can point out that she is a big girl now and should do things like such, but at the same time you show affection to her like you do with the baby, so she doesn't feel the difference.

wish you good luck :smileyhappy:


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