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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

toddlers are a fun (wink, wink) bunch lol...You need to make it fun and even a game - by using things that are already fun for your lil one like music, use a timer, make up a silly song to be able to brush each tooth, make race car noises, use a favorite princess or fav story book that they always brush thier teeth, brush while doing a silly dance :smileyhappy:.
Toddlers need help brushing until around 5-6yrs old when you can really hope that your lil one can brush & floss well enough on thier own.
I hope my info can help, Good Luck Mommies & Daddies :-)
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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

If you have a smartphone or tablet, there is a new Disney Magic Timer, which is free.  It has them brush for a minute with their favorite Disney characters or Marvel characters. My son loves it!  Plus it also allows you to scan you tooth bruch/tooth paste and if there is a character on the package it incorporates that into their brushing. 

With it only being a minute timer I let him do it for that minute, then I do it again. : )

Good luck!

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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

Hi There,


First, I want to remind you that kids under the age of 8 don't even have the skills to brush their teeth correctly. Our dentist told us we should be doing it for them.


Make her feel in control, take her to pick out all of her dental goodies. Lead by example. Not the best idea, but this worked:  My husband has a friend that has no teeth because he never took care of them. My husband made sure the kids knew that and asked his friend to explain to the what happened. His friend was happy to do it because he didn't have anyone to teach him how important it was when he was a kid:smileysad:





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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

There is a free disney tooth brushing app that my kids love. They create their user, and you can scan a picture of crest or oral b kids toothpaste (pics copied from Internet) that are certain characters and they will see a quick 20 second video that leads into a timmer and then they get a virtual sticker for their sticker book. You do not need to scan a picture to use it, but if you do you can control the characters they see and get stickers for. My son loves Lightening McQueen and the Marvel characters and my daughter likes Tinkerbell and the Princesses.
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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

I used to pin my daughter down to brush her teeth but then I found that it is much easier to brush her teeth in the tub. I get her in the tub and while the tub is filling up I brush her teeth. For some reason she is more comfortable in the tub. She is going to be 2 1/2 next month. I have brushed her gums and teeth from the day she was born and we still had issues for a couple weeks.

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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

We experience this a lot at our dental office. We typically start seeing children at the age of 3 unless something happens (your child falls down and chips a tooth or has discoloration). There is an Oral-B Disney app that you can download on your phone or computer that times them and is interactive. We usually recommend an electronic toothbrush mainly because it does a great job and is able to get more brush strokes in and be thorough simply by swiping the toothbrush along the teeth. (It's can be very challenging to try to properly brush childrens teeth because they just looove to squirm all over haha!... we think this does the trick!) We've even had a couple parents that say they have a race with their child to see who can make it to their toothbrush first or who can brush the longest etc. We hope this helps. If you have questions feel free to reach our office at

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Re: 2 &1/2 wont brush teeth HELP

My son went through that stage too. We tried EVERYTHING! We had to pin him down at first too, but we finally got it to work. We all brushed our teeth together and took him to the store to pick out his own toothbrush and toothpaste. To my surprise, when we let him pick his own toothbrush, he wasn't interested in the cool character ones at all. He picked a regular toothbrush close to what mine looked like! That was the ONLY thing that got him to want to brush his teeth.
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