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15mth-old refuses to nap and sleep

Help! My 15mth-old girl refuses to take her nap and go to bed at night. I've done all the routines and nothing changed, but she stands up and cry in the her crib the moment i put her down, refuses to go to sleep.. Even when she naps during the day, she wakes up and cry and wants me to carry her to sleep. At night, she wakes up in the wee hours, stand up and cry non-stop till we carry her up. She didn't sleep well lately due to teething, but her teeth had cut through days ago. What is wrong with my baby?
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Re: 15mth-old refuses to nap and sleep

Developing good sleeping habits can be a challenge. Check out this helpful information:
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Re: 15mth-old refuses to nap and sleep

I feel your pain! My 16-month old slept through the night for several months, but has recently started waking up since she's been cutting new teeth. Will your daughter sleep if you rock her or if you put her in bed w/ you? I wonder if she's feeling some separation anxiety or if another round of teeth are coming in. If you haven't had your 15-month appointment w/ the pediatrician, definitely bring it up.

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Re: 15mth-old refuses to nap and sleep

We had a lot of problems with DD1 after her molars came through. What ended up working best for us was following the sleep lady shuffle/ using her book. Now we give her enticements to stay in bed "if you stay in bed all night and are good for nap we will go to the park tomorrow", etc. It actually works really well. She also has lovies in bed with her and it helps a lot if they are tucked in and we remind her that they need peace and quiet so they can sleep.


It was the worst around 18 months for us though. I actually ended up just moving her into a toddler bed because DD1 was 20 months when we had DD2 and we'd need the crib anyways. It ended up being a good move for her and she was a lot happier to be in the crib. Plus she started climbing in/ out around that age anyways.


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