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15 Month old will not walk

Any tips or ideas? My little one will not walk I'm a little concerned!
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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

It's not unheard of for a healthy child to not walk until they are 16 or 17 months old.


Talk to your doctor to be on the safe side.



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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

My 15 month old boy (is a twin) just started walking and he is 15 months. Some things to encourage walking that many have recommended...1) always set them down on their feet (after changing them, etc) 2) stay away from jumperoos and walkers 3) do play dates with other kids slightly older that are walking. Dont worry, they will start soon!
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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

Is he a healthy an active child otherwise? How are his other movements? Like does he hold on to something and stand up and things like that? Doesn't seem like a cause for worry. Children and known to start walking even later. But if you feel there's any reason for concern, visit his paediatrician.

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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

Don’t worry Ashley, its normal with some kids. Just try to walk with him by catching his arms and motivate him by calling him from some distance. But if you really concern to this, as above they are suggesting consult to your doctor.

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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

No worries.  My son was almost 18 months old until he walked.  Of course I was concerned, but his doctors weren't.  Before I knew it he just took off!  One day my mom was over and she said go to mommy.  He took about 3-4 steps to me, then I said go to Nana.  He turned around and took them back to her.  We widened our stance and his steps became more.  The no walking was history!  Just like that!


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Re: 15 Month old will not walk

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