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14 months old and only 3 words


My daughter just turned 14 months and per a recent development clinic my husband and I attended, she is delayed in her communication. We are told by said clinic that she should be speak 3 words in addition to mama, dada and Hi.... which she has been saying for several months. She doesn't point to much unless she is mimicing us nor does she use words like "yes or no" to let us know she wants somthing, however, it is clear by the over excitment she shows and the turning of the head. I do not have many friends with kids her age and all of my nieces and nephews are qite a bit older. Any advice?

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Re: 14 months old and only 3 words

Try rubbing the earlobes of your child.  Earlobes is connected to the brain.  Just by rubbing it regularly it will trigger the brain.


Hope this helps.



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Re: 14 months old and only 3 words

Let her doctor know because if she continues to not say much it can take a long time to get into therapy through public services, BUT according to the actual guidelines my friend got from her doctor, Asher only needs three words by 18 months.

Another thing too, is if she had any gestures she uses in place of words, those are counted the same way that a spoken word is as well. Copying you, excitement, and turning her head in response to you are forms of communication. There would be more concern over her lack of spoken words if she weren't mimicking or becoming excited.
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Re: 14 months old and only 3 words

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Normally it should not be a cause for worry but since you've been told something at the clinic, I will not challenge that. From what you say, she sounds like a normal kid otherwise. I was just wondering if she is motivated enough. As in, do you read out to her? At bedtime or otherwise? Do you do enough activity with her, you know where she can learn new things? Is there a park or some play area near by where she can play with other kids her age? Keep talking to her whenever she's with you. I am sure she'll be fine but follow the advice the clinic's given you.

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Re: 14 months old and only 3 words

My toddler didn't speak till she was way over a year old. In the past few months she found her voice, uses words and her own language, even forms sentences. She is almost 2 now, and yaps up a storm.



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Re: 14 months old and only 3 words

I don’t think that it is matter of worry, because it is quite normal in many kids. As you say, she is able to speak at least 3 words, so that’s ok. Try to involve her with other kids in parks or preschools. If she’ll get the environment of kids, may be she’ll try some more words.

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