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i need a stay at home job asap!

hi im a single mom i have two little girl's one is six and the other one is eight and i am working at walmart and i really hate it and they are about to fire me anyways because im alway's having to take off work to take my oldest to the hospital she has really bad asthma and allergy's that's why i am looking for a stay at home job that dose'nt charge anything to start i need it asap if anyone can help..... thank you.... you can email me at if anyone find's anything and thank you again



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Re: i need a stay at home job asap!

I can understand your frustration and your desire to be at home with your kids.

Stay at home jobs are hard to come by.


Maybe you can find a few parents that need child care? I used to do house cleaning when my kids were little. It's tough but it got us by. I would have one in a playpen and one on my back in a back pack. I had a few clients that didn't mindme bringing the kids when I cleaned. One older lady actually loved it:smileyhappy:


Another idea is to try and change your schedule. Maybe swing shift would allow you more awake time with the kids?


Just trying to think of ways that you can get by and be able to spend more time with the kids.

I know that it's not easy being a single mom. Keep your chin up!


Best wishes for you and the girls.


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Re: i need a stay at home job asap!

Well I have been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for about a year now and it has been going really really well for me! Before I was out on the town doing lots of facials and things like that but as I get closer to my due date (Aug. 21!) I have been preparing to start my business online. The best part about what I do is that I can make my own hours, it's my own business so there is no one to answer to and I can make decisions for myself, and I can work from home using my personal online website provided by the company and take care of my son, or I can hit the town with my baby. I also like it because its challenging. I really work it like a business and I get to constantly come up with new creative ideas of my own!! 


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Re: i need a stay at home job asap!

hi I work for this wonderful company I get paid weekly and I get to work from home and I would like to invite you and anyone else to see what I'm doing my email address
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